Monday, October 20, 2008

Hooray for slackerdom!

So I spent the whole day thinking about work today. While at work. Not the work I was doing, or supposedly doing. But other work. Another job. Something less than the heaping and rancid mess that is public education. It's too hard to teach the youth of today while being overly cynical and not caring a bit about their futures. I have anti-depressants to keep me going. Oh yes. And alcohol. Though less frequently nowadays.

I think that working for the man is necessarily incommensurable with that of the lowly existence of the slacker. I used to relish my free time and the occasional nap in the afternoon after a long night of thinking/reading/writing. I won't say that it's like pulling teeth getting kids to read a sentence longer than a text message, much less write complete sentences and at least learn to use the visual component of their already sorely poor imaginations while reading some great work of literature. But I think the honest thinker can only go so far with the "I don't care" multitasking constantly "connected" attitude so prevalent today without finally giving in and ceasing to pretend to care reciprocally. 

To sum it up, I want a different job. Something more suitable not to my own tastes, but rather to those that are currently defining the course of Western civilization, potentially leading to our slow and protracted downfall: I want the least responsibility possible. I want to be a shmuck, just like anyone else. I want to shirk everything and pass it on down the line so I can go home and rest comfortably within the bizarre universe that is my budding family. I want to let the generation coming of age right now screw itself over (yes, I can be a miserable old jerk, even this early in life) and bring on the last vestiges of Western traditions  and heritage. As slow as the setting sun. This will be my mantra every morning from here on out, until I can get out of that correctional facility of a school that I currently occupy. 

Enough of responsibility and idealistic caring! Stand up for slackerdom. (Too lazy to use another exclamation point.)

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